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We, Subauftrag.si, specialize in subcontracting. Are orders or trained specialists being looked for? We are the connection! We are proud of our broad international network, many years of experience and numerous renowned reference projects.

Join our network as a subcontractor

As an interface between clients and contractors in the fields of industry, electrics, HVAC / GWH and welders /fitters, we are always on the lookout for qualified companies with whom we strive for long-term cooperation on a partnership level. As a subcontractor, you work for another company and carry out its own projects independently.

The core values of our work

The values ​​of competence, reliability, experience and work ethic are top priority. It is important to us that both clients and contractors work together on a positive basis, and that we as intermediaries can pave the way for long-term and constructive cooperation.

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