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Subcontracters in industrial and plant construction

Industrial and plant construction is now one of the most important economic sectors worldwide and it`s development is rapidly growing. It is therefore essential, especially in urgent cases, to be able to rely on proven experts in the areas of assembly work and technical implementation.

We are looking for qualified workers in the following fields:

Industrial construction:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • High level rack
  • Apparatus¬†engineering
  • Conveyors
  • Industrial Logistic
  • Industrial Service

Industrial technology:

  • Building and industry installations
  • Electrical engineering
  • EMSR technology
  • Safety technology
  • Energy technology
  • Process engineering
  • Automation

Industry sectors:

  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Steel and aluminum industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Construction, Nutrient and Extractive industries
  • Chemical and Petrochemical industry